Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thank-you Gloves

One of my newest friends that I have met this year is a budding professional photographer! When christmas was approaching I was panicking a little that we didn't have a good family photo for a christmas card. Of course I have an amazing SIL who takes great pics.... but lives 2 hours away. Hard to find a good time for her to do my photos! As a last minute thought I asked my new friend if she'd be interested and she said YES! We squeaked in a photoshoot and I had the photo cards ordered the next day:

Amazing, right? I made sure to take her and her daughter (who we love to playdate with) out to lunch. Of course the lunch bill didn't come to much and I felt like I needed to do one more thing to make sure she knew I appreciated the photos. What I thought of immediately was fingerless gloves - when we did the photoshoot it was freezing outside, and she didn't have any gloves on when she arrived. I had lugged our entire winter wardrobe in the car so I lent her my susie's reading mitts that I had made awhile back. She commented on how nice they were.... so I decided to make her some with the same pattern!

This yarn was a gift from another friend that I used to make a kitty hat previously! What made me super excited was how the striping turned out - they almost are identical and it was totally an accident!!!! I love when that happens. :-)


Vanessa at Lynn David said...

And they are AWESOME! I wore them twice in the last 48 hours despite the near 60 degree weather...hehe. :)

Lauren said...

Aw thanks Vanessa!!! I hope the return to chilly temps has made them less of an accessory ;-) And I hope they keep you warm when you and your sis get your business going!!!