Friday, May 02, 2008

Harlot n Me


Yes... that is me and the one and only YARN HARLOT! Look, we are totally in a picture together like we're buddies!

She came to Indy on her book tour and I was SO GLAD I finally got to hear her speak in person and meet her!!!!! She is SO NICE and freakin' hilarious!!! I barely stopped laughing during her speech!

Here you can see her signing my book, and you can see the beer I brought her! Its a Mad Anthony beer, brewed right here in Fort Wayne. Woot woot!

Also I have started my first "real" pair of socks, and I took it with me that day to meet the harlot and get "sock pics" just like she does... lol...

Sock on left, Harlot on right. ;-)

I freaked out over the size 2 needles initially but now they aren't bad at all!!!!

Anyway it was a great trip to Indy and now I have my very own signed book, and some great pics. Hope any other harlot fans out there get to go see her!

OH! AND I want to give a shout out to my first random blog fan, JULIE! HI Julie!!!!! Apparently she knows my knitting guru and coworker Cynthia, and they ran into eachother at the Harlot signing. Julie made a comment wondering if "Knitting at Lunch" was around... of course Cynthia knew who that was! I was totally amazed that I had blog stalkers!!!!!!!!! :D

I also got to meet Rachael, who ive met through Ravelry... we both made it to the harlot signing and BOTH made it (our pics) on the yarn harlot blog, Rachael for her washcloth and me for my first socks! See if you can find us!

Anyway, TGIF, hope everyone has a great weekend... I know I am sure ready for it!

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